Personal Defense Specialists 
Ohio Concealed Carry Training


We provide NRA Basic Pistol. Basic Pistol meets the Ohio requirements to obtain your Ohio Concealed Carry License.


For Training you will need,
-Notebook and something to write with
-Hat with a Bill
-Hearing Protection
-Safety Glasses
-If you already have a Firearm, you will need at least 100 rounds of ammo.
-If you are using one of our Firearms, You will need to bring or purchase ammo.
-Holster for your firearm, optional.

-Class Fee is $100.00  per Student

 -We accept Cash  Or     
 - Visa / Mastercard + 3% surcharge.

-We can also help you teach your children Firearm Safety.
 Contact us for Specifics.

This will be Hands On training.

             CCW Application Packet

     Select Basic Pistol after hitting the above link
        Then use Madison, 44057 zip code to find
             our classes.
                          Classroom Location
                          125 North Lake St.
                          Madison Ohio, 44057
In the Madison General Store & Jerky Outlet
                            See Map Below

If you do not have a firearm, DO NOT run out and buy one.
 We can help you with Selecting the proper firearm dependng on your needs.
Do you have large or small hands, any injuries or issues that may need to be taken into consideration.
Is this for concealed carry, home defense, recreational shooting, or all of the above. How will it be carried,
IWB, OWB  , or even in a purse.
We can help you select the best platform for your needs.

Upcoming Training Dates

DATE- Time-  Location-
August 23, 2014  7 AM to 7 PM  Madison General Store Bldg

September 20, 2014
 7 AM to 7 PM  Madison General Store Bldg
 7 AM to 7 PM  Madison General Store Bldg
   7 AM to 7 PM  Madison General Store Bldg
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